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Registered clients automatically receive preferred status. This mean we use our data analytics to promote your goals. Success comes from interacting with other Participants and from mining the MAPP data. Contact for registration.

Log-in and Registrations

Registrations are given by request to Participants who can benefit from the Industry Lands Platform. Oor best customers are in the business of industrial real estate as a space occupier, building owner, developer, or investor. We have different levels of membership. We often work off-market in confidential circumstances which a great many clients prefer. Please contact us by email at to register or for any questions.

Terminology and Helpful Information

“Anonymous Users” see web postings. They can contact me or posters directly if the contact information is public. Anonymous users have no private access rights. Good for infrequent users and those more comfortable in the non-virtual world. We’ll provide personal help to anonymous users.

"Authenticated Users" become “Participants”. They receive curated content (deals) and can interact with other Participants directly. Participants are granted private access rights. You generally need to be a Participant to see the deals because most are covered by formal permissions.

Participants select from four (4) Roles, Space Occupier, Building Owner, Developer, and Investor. Each Participant is generally limited to no more than 2 roles but exceptions are made for complicated transactions. There is one additional Role for SIORs because they are indispensable for local knowledge, ability, and product.

Permissions are granted depending on the level of service agreement. Service agreements follow industry practice of open, preferred, exclusive, and off-market. In all cases, Industry Lands will collect a fee upon conclusion of the transaction. Fees are reflective of the level of service and value of the transaction.

The industrial markets where we have the best data in descending order are Gardena, Infill L.A, Big U.S. and NY/NJ. Data runs the platform and It’s these markets where Participants will have the most success. We continue to update data from other geographies as we expand the platform and complete other national assignments. Sharing is more than 50% of our time because it has the most velocity of deals that we can use to improve the Industry Land mechanics.

Balancing Roles and Postings: For the platform to work properly and grow it needs balanced roles. For instance, too many investors and not enough property is unsatisfying.  If there is an imbalance on either the supply or demand side, we will try to actively balance the market by direct contact by getting more space/users on the market.

Special Note to Occupiers: Despite the lack of space in today’s market, Occupiers always make the deal happen. Without Occupiers, there would be no cash flow to support the entire industry. We provide Occupiers personal guidance from 35-years of insight

Brokerage Platform:  Industry Lands is a platform and we earn a fee upon making a successful match. If you already have a broker or you are under a National Account, we will 1) Offer to Cooperate with and Compensate Other Real Estate Professionals and 2) Will Not Interfere with the Relationships or Rights of Other Real Estate Professionals.

Site Conditions

Industry Lands is in pre-Bata condition. In other words there are lots of quirks and bugs that are still being worked out. Participants who use the site do so at their own free volition and agree to hold, James Klein, and Klein Commercial Real Estate, Inc. free from any loses or damages that may occur from faults in the computer code, errors in the Industry Lands content, or decisions you make with other Participants. Participants agree to report any irregularities they may experience while using Industry Lands.

Unless otherwise indicated, all materials on these pages are copyrighted by, James Klein, and Klein Commercial Real Estate, Inc.. All rights reserved. No part of these pages, either text or image may be used for any purpose other than personal or agreed business use. Therefore, reproduction, modification, storage in a retrieval system or retransmission, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical or otherwise, for reasons other than personal or agreed business use, is strictly prohibited without prior written permission. Agreed business use is stipulated as part of the registration agreement and other subsequent agreements between Industry Lands and site participant.

Please contact us with any questions.